Rail News

26th Sep 2017

The crossing before tunnel has the new boards down and jakmats laid up to it, the track set having been lifted early in the year and re-ballasted. The Railmotor has the new wheels and counter shafts fitted and chain upgraded to duplex. A fixture has been made to turn the Ikon wheels as fitted to the wheelchair carriage. The first set of these have been re-profiled and are currently working on the bogies. Made a new valve for the right hand clack as found it difficult to hang on to prototype one to reface the seat. Was still having problems so removed the secondary clack and found a hole right through bypassing the seat. Being a commercial one was easily fixed by buying a new one of the shelf. Sadly Eeyore had to be euthanize due to him being in advanced stages of Cushing’s disease. Humphrey has moved on to a new home to be with new companions. 

Crossing before tunnelTrackset Lifted

New wheels on RailmotorTurning Ikon wheel

Machining flutes on valveValve

Failed secondary clackClack valves on Little Toot

14th May 2017

A trackset is back in place for budgie paddock siding, few more crossing boards cut to length and ends shaped for budgie paddock, 2nd new wheelset together for railmotor. Little Toot had a fair bit done on her last year, water tanks re-painted internally, slide valves re ground and pony truck wheelset turned.

Siding Crossing boards New wheels for RM1

Water Tanks Port face being ground Pony truck wheel-set ready to go back in.


16th September 2015

No1 Bridge is back together and the Train is running again. Jakmats are in and filled for the slope down into bush walk and carriages have been serviced.

No 1 Bridge Train passing workshop

Newly installed Jakmats Bracing on No 3 Bridge Wheelchair Carriage being worked on



16th August 2015

New beams are in place for No. 1 Bridge and extra bracing has been added to No. 3 Bridge. Have started installing some Jakmats for slope into bushwalk. A few peddle cars have been getting a repaint. Railmotor in workshop to trial the new wheelset on front pivoting subframe with duplex chain, before starting on 2nd new wheelset.  

5th July 2015

Little Toot has pasted its annual boiler survey. NZTA have done the site visit and inspection of documents for the safety assessment this year. Timber has arrived for bridge repairs / upgrading as identified in track inspection. Work has started on removing the 2 older beams from the No 1 Bridge. Usually see a few monarch butterflies around the place but if you look up in the trees there are actually hundreds of them.


16th May 2015

The new wheels have arrived, and have put together a spare wheelset for the Railmotor. On the last steaming day, the railway was put to the test with a group of a 100 booked turning into 300, plus others ended up over 500 passengers (Inc. babies) for the day. Our Biggest day ever and only had 2 carriages available. On ANZAC weekend Peter had his model Baldwin Loco on display for a while. The original was used in the 1st World War. 


1st April 2015

The Railmotor tyres have been reprofiled satisfactorly, a set of new wheels are nearly here and a spare axle has been machined up in Denham lathe. Finding the roller chain is a bit light so have ordered a duplex sprocket for the spare axle.